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Kennel Cough

Over the years I have worked very hard to understand Kennel Cough and what it is.  I have learned that it can come from many different things.  The stress from excessive barking can cause Kennel Cough, Just as we would get a sore throat after going to a Game or a concert.  During holidays, the chances of your dog getting kennel Cough increases just because the number of dogs they are exposed to,  it only takes one case to start a chain reaction.   

Things you can do to help:
Please let me know if your dog(s) come home with a cough or something else. It will help us know what is at our Kennel at that time, so we can make changes if needed.

Try to have your dog(s) vaccinated at least two weeks before you need to board them.

Please show respect for other peoples dogs by not bringing your dog to be boarded when you know he(she) is sick.  

Please remember to bring your pet's food.  Pets whose food is suddenly changed in a boarding environment often succumb to diarrhea.  This adds a level of stress for your pet which could easily have been avoided.


Make sure you do not give your dog to much food or water.  If your pet didn't eat or drink well at the kennel,  it can over do it and drink to much to fast, which can cause vomiting.
It is very normal for your dog to be very tired, so just try to enjoy the peace and quit they will be there normal self in a couple of days.
We are doing everything we can to ensure that your dog stays happy and healthy while at our kennel.  Again, please let us know if your dog(s) come home with any ailments, so we can better serve you next time.  We take pride in the cleanliness, attention, exercise and comfort we offer your pet during their stay.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to talk care of your family member(s).

Health Issues

Vaccinations Needed:

Annual Rabies

Annual DHPP

Annual Bordetella  Some Veterinarians prefer every six months on Bordetella we suggest you follow their recommendation.

We are doing everything we can to insure that your dog stays happy and healthy while at our Kennel.  Again please let us know if your dog(s) come home with something so we can better serve you the next time.