Land of Oz

Boarding Kennel and Resort

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  • Indoor Pool
  • Outdoor Activities 3x A day
  • Sunday checkouts
  • Luxury suites

Land Of Oz is more than just a bed & breakfast.  More than just a place to sleep and food to eat.  It's everything that makes your pet's stay more like staying at home. Attention. Love. Petting. Play. Walks. Even bellies get scratched.

Just look at the services we offer:

Land Of Oz Boarding Kennel and Resort 
John & Amy Mannebach

5959 North 183rd West
Colwich, Kansas 67030

Home Suite Home

  • Heating and Air
  • Indoor/outdoor runs

Come..Sit..Stay..Good Dog.

These are, indeed, some cool digs for the dogs. A great place to stay while you're away. Sixty square feet of living space give Rover room to roam--inside or out relax, play, and dine.  The walls around him are solid for privacy and minimization of contact with his neighbors.  It's air-conditioned if it gets too hot.  And the suite and floors are heated if it gets too cold; keeps those paws toasty warm.  Twice-a-day maid services, nightlight, and relaxing music completes the amenities.