Land of Oz

Boarding Kennel and Resort

Just look at the services we offer:

Land Of Oz Boarding Kennel and Resort 
John & Amy Mannebach

5959 North 183rd West
Colwich, Kansas 67030

  • Heating and Air
  • Indoor/outdoor runs
  • Sunday checkouts
  • Luxury suites
  • Indoor Pool
  • Outdoor Activities 3x A day

Come..Sit..Stay..Good Dog.

These are, indeed, some cool digs for the dogs. A great place to stay while you're away. Sixty square feet of living space give Rover room to roam--inside or out relax, play, and dine.  The walls around him are solid for privacy and minimization of contact with his neighbors.  It's air-conditioned if it gets too hot.  And the suite and floors are heated if it gets too cold; keeps those paws toasty warm.  Twice-a-day maid services, nightlight, and relaxing music completes the amenities.

Phone: 316-796-0461

Fax:        844-274-1402

Text:      316-796-0461

Home Suite Home

Land Of Oz is more than just a bed & breakfast.  More than just a place to sleep and food to eat.  It's everything that makes your pet's stay more like staying at home. Attention. Love. Petting. Play. Walks. Even bellies get scratched.