Land of Oz

Boarding Kennel and Resort

Phone: 316-796-0461

Fax:        844-274-1402

Text:      316-796-0461

Land Of Oz Boarding Kennel and Resort 
John & Amy Mannebach

5959 North 183rd West
Colwich, Kansas 67030

Boarding Rates

One dog / $22.00/per night
Two dogs / $33.00/per night
Three dogs / $44.00/per night
Non neutered males / $27.00
Non Spayed females in season / $27.00

American bulldogs (pit bulls) / $27.00

Dogs that must be left out alone 
because of behavioral issues
(Such as fighting) / $27.00

These prices are for dogs sharing the same kennel.
If two kennels are needed it will be full price for each dog.

Any dogs dropped off or picked up outside our regular hours will be charged for the next business day plus a $25 after hours fee.

Special needs dogs such as old dogs that can no longer control there bowels, urine or unable to stand without assistance will be charged
and additional $5 per day.

Ruby Slipper

(There's One Place Like Home Package)
The Ultimate Retreat-

This package includes:

  • Luxury Suite with complete Privacy from other residents

  • Recess with companions

  • Access to the great outdoors  

  • Maid Services              

Additional Services

Package price:

  • Single dog: $30.00

  • Two dogs: $45.00

  • Three dogs: $60.00