Land of Oz

Boarding Kennel and Resort

Phone: 316-796-0461

Fax:        844-274-1402

Text:      316-796-0461

Use of the bed, treats and toys is up to the dog :-)

Things you need to bring

  • Dog food
  • Vaccination records which need to include the following - Rabies, Distemper booster which may include 5 or 6 other vaccines in one and Bordetella. 
    ​All vaccination need to be done annually.
  • Bed (optional)
  • Treats (optional)
  • Toys (optional)

In case of emergency

​Some pets require special care. Our staff will administer any special diets, medication, exercise needs, and the like. And if, for any reason, any pet must have immediate attention, we will contact our Veterinarian at once

Because not all pets are the same. they won't be treated the same. Some animals require more attention, more exercise, and more belly rubbing. Others may perhaps be more happy resting the day away. Special needs are easy for us to accommodate; simply talk to us at check-in.

Land Of Oz Boarding Kennel and Resort 
John & Amy Mannebach

5959 North 183rd West
Colwich, Kansas 67030